Minicube PCR


Precision PCR

The Minicube PCR is a high precison and accuracy NIST calibrated device. The machine undergoes 1 week of endurance tests before delivery. We give 2 years full warranty and a 30 days money back guarentee. The device will not need calibration the first two years and possibly longer. We provide a simple easy to follow way for recalibration of the device based on the phase change of Gallium (a kit we provide).

Quality Steel and Aluminium construction

The weight of the minicube is 4.7 kg and more than 90% of that is high quality grade stainless steel and aluminum. The amount of plastic in the device is less than 10% of the total weight making the device an environmental good solution. The device is built for decade long endurance. .

Industrial surface coating

The industrial RAL color powder coated on the device is particular robust and used in heavy duty industrial applications. The powder coating is done without the use of solvents preventing toxic evaporations from the device when heated.

Connections, Ports and Power

The device contains two radios one for 2.4 GHz Wifi and one of Bluetooth communication. At the back there is LAN, USB stick (for backup of data) and a USB-B connection port. The power is provided via a high-quality XLR jack from the 24V certified Meanwell power supply.

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Top Reasons for Buying

The top reasons our customers give us for buying the device

The asynchroneous well design allows a mix of 16 different PCR protocols and incubations to be carried out in parallel or semi-seriel with different start times.

Precise and Accurate

The high precision ensuring repeatability of experiments and the high accuracy ensuring machine to machine compatibility of protocols


The possibility to run a 35 cycles two-stage PCR in less than 22 minutes but still with precision and accuracy

Single Interface

Protocols can be designed in the App outside the lab and experiments planned. One tablet controls all devices if one has more than one Minicube device

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm